Nanny Portfolio

If you’ve found me after listening to my portfolio informational on The Chronicles of Nannya with the wonderful Martha Reddick, Welcome!
Below you will find a link to my Carbonmade portfolio as discussed in the podcast as well as individual links.  If you have any questions on getting started, please feel free to reach out. If you are interested in having me design your portfolio, I’m available for that as well.
Talk to you soon!
Nanny Portfolio
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2 thoughts on “Nanny Portfolio”

  1. Hello good morning my name is Kimalyn. I am working on my portfolio and I would really love if you can help me. I am currently looking for a new Nanny family and it’s been really hard for me. I would love if you can help me set up my online portfolio and give me some advice


    1. Hi Kimalyn, I would love to help you out! Please email me via the contact form with a little more of what you’re looking for, what you have set up already and we can go from there. Talk to you soon! -Candice


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